Next-gen browser

Datao is a semantic web browser.

It has all the capabilities of a modern web browser, it can browse the WorldWideWeb with all the Web2.0 features.

But Datao is also a browser for the next-gen Web, the Semantic Web. That adds new exciting features to this piece of software:

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Semantic Processing

Semantic Processing

Datao embeds a semantic engine. So it can extract meaning from the Web content. With this device, Datao is able to crawl data automatically, identify the relevant content, organize them and adapt its display accordingly. Now the user can really focus on relevant content and links. And because the semantic engine runs in the background, you will benefits from this semantic assistance during the whole browsing session.

Smart Q&A search

Smart Q&A search Finding the correct entry point for the browsing session is a crucial intial step. This is the job of search engines. Unfortunately, most search engines only accept keywords as inputs, so they never fully understand your intention. This may lead the user towards irrelevant entry points, and make the browsing session painful.

Datao proposes a different approach for searching the Web. Thanks to its semantic components (semantic web indexes, intention capturing UIs plus its internal semantic processor), Datao can crawl the Semantic Web for you, identify data sets corresponding to your questions, organize them in a meaningful manner and display this answer with an optimal layout.

Plus it can extend this answer by proposing related Q&As. By affinity, you will browse the Web of Data, just a Q&A session with the best expert you could find in the world: the (Semantic) Web.

Focus on user-intention

Datao wants to provide an optimum Web browsing experience. For that, it needs to fully understand the user's intention for the current browsing session. Then it can provide relevant assistance when searching and browsing the Web.

Intuitive graphical interfaces are available so the user can graphically define the question that he wants to solve during that browsing session. By drag n dropping the concepts related to its current need, you will provide information about what the system should focus on, during all the session.

Read *and write* the Web

Semantic Processing

Datao is a tool to interact with data on the Web. But unlike actual web browsers, it provides a uniform framework to write and publish semantic content

Protege Forms and Swoop are semantic data editors. They are bundled with Datao and provide automatic forms and semantic editing features. These tools help the user write the Semantic Web, and not only read it.

Datao is available as a free software, under AGPLv3 licence.

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